Continuous Compliance FAQ's

Thanks to a successful launch and well developed program, we now have eight Continuous Compliance clients and several more pending approval from Audit Committees. When I am explaining our new service to clients and their committees I hear the same questions regularly....

1) How much more does this cost? SAME PRICE. Our Continuous Compliance

ABA Commends the FTC for efforts to protect consumers

The ABA commends the FTC for its continuing efforts to protect consumers from unscrupulous debt relief service providers through enforcement actions, consumer education initiatives, and the proposed amendment of the TSR. The ABA support using FTC’s proposed application of its targeted TSR authority to regulate the for-profit debt settlement

Gartner: Loosen up on social networks, security | Deep Tech - CNET News

ORLANDO, Fla.--OK, IT managers, it's time to loosen up.

That's how analysts advised Gartner Symposium attendees here Monday, arguing that corporate computing departments shouldn't block social networking and that security shouldn't completely lock down communications with the outside world. And even if information

Bernanke urges Congress to overhaul financial regulatory system

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke prodded Congress Friday to enact legislation overhauling the nation's financial regulatory system to prevent a repeat of the banking and credit debacles that had thrust the country into crisis.

Senate Bill Would Curtail Bank Overdraft Charges - New York Times

Published: October 19, 2009

In the latest attack on overdraft fees charged by banks, Christopher J. Dodd, the Connecticut Democrat who heads the Senate Banking Committee, introduced legislation on Monday to limit the number of fees charged to one per month, and to require a bank to seek consumers’ permission to cover debit card

Did You Know 4.0 - Internet and Business

If you haven't ever seen any of the 'Did You Know." series on Youtube I would highly encourage to watch them all. The group from XPlane show the new world we are living in and how traditional business mindsets and models are breaking down daily. We believe that these concepts and ideas are also moving inside the firewalls of enterprises and is not

We did it! Enterprise 2.0 Finalist

Hi everyone,

I'm very, very excited to tell you that we have made the final four to present in the internationally known Enterprise 2.0 conference. We are completely humbled by this honor as this was only accomplished because of you. Thank you all for your votes and we promise not to disappoint. We want to win this thing! We are getting the

Register to win a $500 Apple gift certificate.

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See how Continuous Compliance can add value to your organization by viewing our “ Continuous Compliance: Let’s Talk” virtual event. You will learn how to improve your business processes through Continuous Compliance and Collaboration.

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Make Compliance Fun series - Stairs

I recently did a post for CUES Skybox about whether you can make something traditionally boring, like compliance, fun? Seriously, no joke. We think you can and want to show you other ways that people have gotten creative and made a tough, boring, complex process better by injecting a little fun into it.

Here's a great example of how to take

Data Breach Prevention requires increased collaboration

Risk assessments should happen regularly. A breach drill can be a quick way to assess breach risk and can serve as a big wake-up call. Additionally, dedicate resources in each area of the business to monitor and research how your institution is protecting sensitive information. Encourage employees to give feedback on potential risks and make

New Chapter | Continuous Compliance & RiskKey Platform

Since the beginning of The Garland Group, formerly DCS, Inc., we have always looked for opportunities to improve what we do for our customers. We instill in all our employees to search for ways to provide more value to keep our customers happy. Today, we think we've done it again but this time, by an order of magnitude greater.

Today we are