RiskKey User Spotlight: Mortgagebot

As many of you know RiskKey has value beyond Risk Assessments and Controls Reviews... it can also be used for managing certain projects... especially those related to compliance. Mortgagebot is an industry leader in facilitating online mortgage applications. They use RiskKey to manage responses to various exams and controls reviews. All issues

The Balancing Act of USB Mass Storage Drives!

USB flash drives are a very important part of our day-to-day activities. When a network is down, it provides an alternate method to copy/exchange files between computers. But in the strange world we live in, there is something dark underneath in any great invention, and there is no difference here. The great USB memory stick can be used by bad

The Value of Collaboration

Just recently a news headline screamed “Customers flock to iPhone banking!” I immediately thought the only way a bank could do this is through collaboration and partnering with third parties. Institutions that fail to understand this are leaving money on the table. After a recent chat with a financial institution I fear that many are still missing

The Only Fraud We've Seen in Online Banking....lately

It seems like we say it at least every other week, "The only fraud we've seen for online banking has been compromises at commercial customer sites." And is evidenced by two breaches of high profile banks out of Dallas over the past month.

Plains Capital Bank had a breach at one of their customer's sites, resulting in over $800,000 being

Webinars - Next Generation Compliance

Thanks to all that attending today's webinar on 'Next Generation Compliance'. We hope it was informative and enlightening. As promised, here is the video recording of today's webinar. We'd love any feedback you could add on the topic today as well as other topics you'd like us to discuss more about. Feel free to mention those in the comments

RiskKey: Newly Designed Assessments Area

We just launched a new revamped assessment area for RiskKey that we think you're really going to enjoy using. We care very much about an interface that is as simple to use as possible so you can focus on the work at hand.

Why redesign it?

RiskKey has continued to improve over the years to not only be a risk assessment tool that it started as but

Future of Payments - Square

If you haven't heard by now, there's a new application being launched by Jack Dorsey, who originally founded Twitter, called Square. It's an iPhone based payments app that allows credit card processing. Here's a demo by Kevin Rose showing off the product. Enjoy.

2009 Bank Failures Visualized

I'm completely a visual type of person. I really enjoyed this infographic data from

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A Sleeper Risk in Information Security Programs: Third Party Data Recovery

Just when you thought it was safe to tell your Board, external auditors, or examiners that you have a “no surprises” information security program in place, you don’t! There is a significant “sleeper risk” in the information security program of most organizations and government agencies that has been overlooked! It is a very small aspect of

Finance firms to spend bilions on risk management - survey

08 February, 2010 - 10:59

Finance firms to spend bilions on risk management - survey

The top 100 financial institutions will spend over $100 billion a year implementing risk governance frameworks by 2012, according to research from business advisory firm Deloitte.

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This is more than double the figure they spent on

Social Networks Security | Value is too great to shut down

For any social service that attracts 350 million users there is always going to be the spammers and hackers that attempt to abuse its users. However, I appreciate Cluley's comments that despite that the business value is still too great to just block access.

Interestingly enough (and contrasted to some of the reports we’ve seen lately), Cluley

Best-in-Class with Continuous Compliance

Recently I stumbled on the Aberdeen Group’s report on “Beyond Demonstrating Compliance: The Reinvention of Internal Audit” and had no choice but to read the complete report. What a wealth of information and a must read for an organization that insists on Continuous Compliance for their customers and stakeholders. According to the report top