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Modern Passwords Now Less Secure

By leveraging an older technology that has been revitalized, researcher Jeremi Gosney has managed to significantly reduce the time it takes to crack hashed passwords. By using Virtual OpenCL, Gosney was able to leverage 4U servers equipped with 25 AMD Radeon GPUs as a single brute-forcing monster. The system was able to churn through 348

Hackers Crack Texan Bank

Hackers use credit reference agencies to perform identity theft with bank credentials. This is a friendly reminder that banks should ensure credit report usage is controlled and monitored appropriately.

Movember is Over! All for a good cause.

Movember is over and it was all for a good cause! Movember is a movement that started a few years ago where men participate in raising awareness for men's health issue, specifically prostate and testicular cancer, by not shaving for the entire month of November. Garland Group, along with a few customers, participated in this event and raised