Top 5 Information Security Takeaways in 2018

Compliant does not always mean secure - this is one of the maxims held above all at Garland Heart. While being compliant with the regulations of your industry will cut down on the risk of an information breach, it does not mean that all the vulnerabilities in your system have been accounted for.

In order to get in front of any risks (proactive

Top 5 Regulatory Compliance Updates in 2018

Regulatory compliance and information security has exploded as a topic of conversation in the last 15 years while technology has emerged at a break-neck speed. Annual updates, amendments, requirements and expectations are planned for months in advance, and the savvy business-owner must stay on top of the new information coming in to avoid an

Top Five Takeaways of Information Security in 2017

The nature of information security is that it is ever evolving. As we become more technologically advanced, new challenges present themselves. The key is to never become complacent, and always keep an eye out for advancements that can protect you, your team and your clients.


Regulatory compliance moves at a pace that attempts to keep up with

Compliant is NOT Always Secure


We are PCI Certified!  How did we get hacked?!?!?
We have a 1 on our FFIEC exam and still had this data breach?
There were no exceptions on their SOC report, but our vendor still had a compromise?
At Garland Heart, we have heard these comments and questions time and time again.  You have definitely heard them in the news.  Entities from big

Heartbeat does Habitat for Humanity

The decision to start working for Garland Heart was a no brainer for me.  I was asked to join our HeartBeat Committee which portrays some of the things in my personal life I am passionate about; volunteering and serving the community. Knowing that Garland Heart has a committee that focuses on just that brought a smile to my face. Not only have I

Proactive Compliance

We understand the budget restraints and "rabbit hole" you can get yourself into regarding compliance and security. How much do I do before the cost outweighs the benefit?

Oftentimes while onsite with our clients we find ourselves discussing the balance between regulations or minimum standards compared to industry best practices or trends. They

A GH Story: Vickery Trading Company

This year I set a goal for myself to become a better storyteller. I feel that even though we’ve worked really hard to focus on what our ‘why’ is as a company I haven’t done a good enough job on sharing that message with our ever growing audience. As the one with the name on the banner, it’s my job to continuously communicate and inspire those

Life @ Garland Heart

We are excited to kickoff a series of videos that will give our audience insight to what life looks like at Garland Heart.  We want to share things such as:

Cyber Security: Not Just For Financial Institutions

For many years, financial institutions have understood the importance of having a strong cyber security strategy. As they handle valuable financial information and other sensitive data, these institutions have long been very attractive targets for hackers. As a result, they know they have to work hard to keep their customers’ accounts and data

What Does an IT Audit for a Healthcare Organization Look Like? 

As a healthcare provider, it’s essential that your information security is top notch. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires all organizations in the healthcare industry to take steps to keep their patient data safe. Are you doing enough to prevent a breach?

If you have any doubts about the security of your IT