RISK: It's Everyone's Business

Recently IBM released its 2010 Global IT Risk Study. According to the study 74% of those surveyed agreed that the greatest benefit of improving IT Risk Management is that it ensures business continuity.

The article goes on to define business continuity as more than a natural disaster preparedness plan. “It is really about building a risk-aware

Achieving Security Efficiency

Recently the Ponemom Insitute released its’ latest research on “Benchmarking Information Security Efficiency” Their goal was to help organizations determine the “most operationally efficient route to their desired security posture.” I’d hope that their desire would be continuous compliance. The research showed five key areas that affected security

Understanding Continuous Compliance

Continuous Compliance means developing a pro-active, enterprise risk assessment and audit program. In the wake of our current economy, security threats, and the customer’s need for privacy, financial institutions must implement continuous compliance programs to be successful.

It enables transparency as organizations have a clear picture of the

RiskKey at Finovate Spring 2010

Awesome! A single word to describe our FinovateSpring 2010 demo experience. We presented RiskKey to a room filled of leading Financial Institutions, top executives and media chanting “Compliance Sucks!” The reception was incredible and the reviews even more so as the twitterverse took our compliance message global.

@netbanker “Brad Garland leads

Protecting Your Customer's Personal Data

Sixty percent (60%) of organizations surveyed acknowledge that data loss is a recurring problem, according to Accenture's study on "How Global Organizations Approach the Challenge of Protecting Personal Data." The study reminds us that "data privacy and protection shortcomings can do irreparable harm to companies’ balance sheets, not to mention

In Banks We Trust?

Guardian Analytics in conjunction with Ponemon recently released their 2010 Business Banking Trust Study (details here). I am intrigued that the headline touts that “banks have a new troubled asset – their customers.” Forgive me if I am wrong, but customers did not just become a “troubled asset”: not this year…not last year, nor the year before

5 Tips for Improving Customer Service

Cleaning out some old files on my Macbook I came across some customer service notes from my days @XYZ bank (XYZ=Small/Mid size bank). These suggestions were submitted by Information Technology, Proof (Item Processing) and New Account users. I reduced the list to include the most common we see in our daily interactions with banks.

5 Ideas for

The Value of Collaboration

Just recently a news headline screamed “Customers flock to iPhone banking!” I immediately thought the only way a bank could do this is through collaboration and partnering with third parties. Institutions that fail to understand this are leaving money on the table. After a recent chat with a financial institution I fear that many are still missing

A Sleeper Risk in Information Security Programs: Third Party Data Recovery

Just when you thought it was safe to tell your Board, external auditors, or examiners that you have a “no surprises” information security program in place, you don’t! There is a significant “sleeper risk” in the information security program of most organizations and government agencies that has been overlooked! It is a very small aspect of

Best-in-Class with Continuous Compliance

Recently I stumbled on the Aberdeen Group’s report on “Beyond Demonstrating Compliance: The Reinvention of Internal Audit” and had no choice but to read the complete report. What a wealth of information and a must read for an organization that insists on Continuous Compliance for their customers and stakeholders. According to the report top