A GH Story: Vickery Trading Company

This year I set a goal for myself to become a better storyteller. I feel that even though we’ve worked really hard to focus on what our ‘why’ is as a company I haven’t done a good enough job on sharing that message with our ever growing audience. As the one with the name on the banner, it’s my job to continuously communicate and inspire those

Life @ Garland Heart

We are excited to kickoff a series of videos that will give our audience insight to what life looks like at Garland Heart.  We want to share things such as:

2016 - Garland Heart says it's the year to ‘Be YOU!’

Every year we look to continue to be a company that has equal goals of profit with purpose, so the last 4 years we have created a theme (and corresponding t-shirt) to express that goal. This year we wanted our theme to have multiple meanings. We spent a lot of time thinking about what would be the best way we could help the world but also

Welcome Hannah to Garland Heart

Garland Heart is continuing to expand it's sales presence nationally and Hannah Day is going to help us do that! Hannah joined Garland Heart in a business development role and will be based in our Colorado office location. She has been in the financial industry for the last 10 years working in electronic banking services, product management,

How We Made Our Virtual Team Feel More Connected

Each and every week we send off our people out around the country to help our client's become more secure and compliant. Due to that fact, we found we didn't have a great need for our own physical office space. We have had offices in the past but they were mostly used as a meeting spot rather than our everyday office space. As busy as we have been

Our Culture - Unlimited Vacation Policy

Culture is a tricky thing. You want one that stands out from the pack of other small businesses but you also realize that you don't have the resources of a Google, Facebook or Amazon. So a few years ago, we decided to opt-in to one idea that we think is not only the right way to go in our company but in any other modern day business. We

LRF 5K Walk a Huge Success

Thanks to everyone who donated and participated in the 2014 Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) 5K walk this past weekend! Team Nerada raised over $2,200 and we had approximately 38 walkers.


Expanding the Horizon for Garland Heart

When my father and I started this company over ten years ago with only three people, we just hoped to have a few clients and be happy to support those clients as best we could. Fast forward to's truly humbling to see how this organization has grown, both in size and its core purpose, with well over 80 clients in multiple states and

Help us Find a Cure for Lymphoma

Lymphoma is the most common blood cancer in adults and the third most common cancer overall among children.

On Saturday, April 5, 2014, I will be walking in the Dallas/Ft. Worth 5K Lymphomathon. My goal is to raise $1,000 for the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF). The LRF is the nation's largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to

Welcome Eric, Our Newest Member of Garland Heart

We are kicking of 2014 with a new member to our Garland Heart team....Eric English. His background and experience in Network Administration in the banking industry along with his CISSP certification will allow Eric to hit the ground running as a consultant for us. We are all excited...especially the very busy consultants.... to have him come work