Top 5 Regulatory Compliance Updates in 2018

Regulatory compliance and information security has exploded as a topic of conversation in the last 15 years while technology has emerged at a break-neck speed. Annual updates, amendments, requirements and expectations are planned for months in advance, and the savvy business-owner must stay on top of the new information coming in to avoid an

Top Five Takeaways of Information Security in 2017

The nature of information security is that it is ever evolving. As we become more technologically advanced, new challenges present themselves. The key is to never become complacent, and always keep an eye out for advancements that can protect you, your team and your clients.


Regulatory compliance moves at a pace that attempts to keep up with

Compliant is NOT Always Secure


We are PCI Certified!  How did we get hacked?!?!?
We have a 1 on our FFIEC exam and still had this data breach?
There were no exceptions on their SOC report, but our vendor still had a compromise?
At Garland Heart, we have heard these comments and questions time and time again.  You have definitely heard them in the news.  Entities from big