Are Retail IT Professionals Really As Prepared As They Think for Security Breaches?

Protecting company records as well as private and confidential customer information is a top priority for many businesses. After all, just one security breach can devastate large companies and possibly destroy smaller businesses. Comprehensive IT security is especially important for those organizations in the retail industry.According to a recent

Your 4-Step Guide to Security Budget Planning for 2016: Part 2

Once again, it’s time to plan your security budget for the next year. In our last post, we discussed planning and implementing as the first two steps of planning your 2016 security budget. Now, let’s look at the final two steps: execution and analysis.



Successful execution of a security plan involves detecting new risks and monitoring

Your 4-Step Guide to Security Budget Planning for 2016: Part 1

You don’t have to be overwhelmed planning your IT risk management for 2016. Simply follow the four steps outlined over these two posts to create your 2016 budget. 


First, define the security policies and controls that you’ll use to protect your company’s assets. As an example, you might implement the security policy “employees