Compliant is NOT Always Secure


We are PCI Certified!  How did we get hacked?!?!?
We have a 1 on our FFIEC exam and still had this data breach?
There were no exceptions on their SOC report, but our vendor still had a compromise?
At Garland Heart, we have heard these comments and questions time and time again.  You have definitely heard them in the news.  Entities from big

Proactive Compliance

We understand the budget restraints and "rabbit hole" you can get yourself into regarding compliance and security. How much do I do before the cost outweighs the benefit?

Oftentimes while onsite with our clients we find ourselves discussing the balance between regulations or minimum standards compared to industry best practices or trends. They

Why a Virtual CISO is the Best-Kept Secret in Information Security

The twin gas pedals of globalization and technology have increased the speed of business to the point where you can blink and suddenly not recognize the landscape around you. This is especially true when it comes to information security, where the very concept of “hacking” and data theft went from Hollywood science fiction to a pressing fact of

A Helpful Guide to SOX Compliance for Financial Institutions

The Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) Act of 2002 is a crucial piece of legislation aimed at protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information that impacts a corporation's stakeholders.

Ensuring ongoing SOX compliance is a fundamental risk management task for any publicly-traded, or even privately-held, company in the United States.

Staying Secure & Safe This Holiday Season

As most of us are frantically running around to find the last minute gifts for family and friends, we seldom think about security. Most of us trust the places we shop and assume they have all the latest and greatest sure payment methods. Here are a few ways to stay safe when shopping online and in store this holiday season.

1. Cash? What's that?

Banking Legalized Marijuana


This has to be the most intriguing topic that we have ever done in the Garland Heart monthly webinar series. We even had one attendee ask if we were going to serve munchies! Seriously, this is a topic that we all need to begin to understand in the financial industry as the laws are ever changing. Our guest speaker, Ben Knieff, discussed the

Maximizing your Enterprise Business Impact Analysis

The most extensive undertaking of any Enterprise environment is the creation of the Business Continuity Plan and the Recovery Procedures from a disaster. In order to effectively create an accurate continuity plan of the organization as a whole and a recovery process that mitigates the cost to the organization, customer impact, reputation, and

Reminder to Change Passwords

This article doesn't have much in the manner of specifics, however I have no doubt that out of the hundreds of billions of passwords for web applications, at least 1 Billion have been stolen.

NY Times article

Anywho, still a good reminder to change those passwords regularly, especially for your 'higher risk' sites such as online banking,

A Banker's Guide to Bitcoin

Bitcoin has brought virtual currency into the spotlight, but few understand how it works and why it matters. Garland Heart webinar this month feature guest presenter Andy Beal from Crowley Corporate Legal Strategy introducing you to the technology behind Bitcoin, its relationship with banks and its potential effects on the global financial system.

How We Made Our Virtual Team Feel More Connected

Each and every week we send off our people out around the country to help our client's become more secure and compliant. Due to that fact, we found we didn't have a great need for our own physical office space. We have had offices in the past but they were mostly used as a meeting spot rather than our everyday office space. As busy as we have been