Throwback Thursday: Revisit Old Viruses at the Online Malware Museum

In these times of mega-hacks and massive data breaches,  technology risk assessment  has become a fact of life for every business. In comparison to automated botnets, the “good old fashioned” human hacking of yesteryear seems quaint, even a little nostalgic. Do you remember the malware and viruses from the 1980s and 90s? The Online Malware Museum

Understanding EMV Technology



The payment's industry is migrating from magnetic stripe bank cards to EMV chip cards to improve the security of bank card transactions. Watch this 30 min. webinar for a good overview of EMV technology to find the answer to these questions:

  • How is EMV going to mitigate fraud?
  • Why is now the right time?
  • What are the timeframes for

Banking Legalized Marijuana


This has to be the most intriguing topic that we have ever done in the Garland Heart monthly webinar series. We even had one attendee ask if we were going to serve munchies! Seriously, this is a topic that we all need to begin to understand in the financial industry as the laws are ever changing. Our guest speaker, Ben Knieff, discussed the

Maximizing your Enterprise Business Impact Analysis

The most extensive undertaking of any Enterprise environment is the creation of the Business Continuity Plan and the Recovery Procedures from a disaster. In order to effectively create an accurate continuity plan of the organization as a whole and a recovery process that mitigates the cost to the organization, customer impact, reputation, and

A Banker's Guide to Bitcoin

Bitcoin has brought virtual currency into the spotlight, but few understand how it works and why it matters. Garland Heart webinar this month feature guest presenter Andy Beal from Crowley Corporate Legal Strategy introducing you to the technology behind Bitcoin, its relationship with banks and its potential effects on the global financial system.

Denial of Service webinar

Do you know what to do when an attacker attempts to prevent your users from accessing information or services such as email, websites, or online accounts on your computers? This webinar presented by our resident Security expert, Matt Nowell, will give you a general overview of what is Denial of Service (DoS) as well as:

  • Methods used for DoS

Understanding SOC Reporting & SSAE 16

More and more banks rely on vendors to run some of the most critical functions of the bank such as core processing, online banking, or disaster recovery functions. The vendors, in turn, ensure they are up to regulatory scrutiny by having an outsourced party do an independent review (or audit) of their controls. The SSAE 16 standards (formerly

Future of Compliance Webinar

Today's compliance environment in most organizations is run as reactionary and in 'just enough to get by' mode. Why? Is it lack of time? People? Training? If you would like to hear our CEO Brad Garland address these issues and give you his view on what the future of compliance holds, this webinar will cover some of his ideas on how your

Technology Hot Topics 2014

The webinar for March is our most requested topic - Technology Hot Topics. Heath Stanley, SVP of Information Security here at Garland Heart, shared what technology examiners are paying attention to and some common risk findings of our consultants. The technology topics range everywhere from Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Vendor Management to

Webinar - Vendor Management & Information Risk


Are your vendors walking a tight rope and risking the information you share with them?

This topic of Vendor Management seems to be very popular these days.....we had a tremendous response to our monthly webinar this month. Our SVP of Compliance Services, Courtney Treadaway, presented some best practices of Vendor Management - specifically on